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Great TV Show Idea Contest
2633 Lincoln Blvd. Suite #701
Santa Monica, CA 90405
United States

Description: Accepted entries include loglines, synopses, show bibles, or video pitches. Completed pilot scripts are not reviewed, nor are entrants required to have a completed pilot.
Objective: The Great TV Show Idea Contest is looking for the next big television series--a story that puts a clever spin on the types of successful shows picked up by networks and streaming outlets. Think of the evolution of TV programming: what haven''t we seen yet, and what type of an idea holds the potential for a long-running series?
Entry Fee: $35
Type: TV Scripts
Originates From: United States
Occurrence: Once
Sponsored By:
Start Date: 11/1/2018
Submission Deadlines: 12/15/2018
Winners Announced: February 1st, 2019
Year of Origin: 2006
Rules: All entrants retain the rights to their pitch, and development assistance for the winner is entirely optional, as we recognize some projects may be "circulation-ready," in which case Script Pipeline would consider the work for targeted industry exposure only.

General rules:
*Concept must be for a scripted television series or mini-series.
*Script Pipeline will not share your idea with anyone unless you’re chosen as a finalist and give us explicit permission to do so.
*Previous Script Pipeline writers and former Great Movie Idea contest entrants are welcome to submit, but material must not have been previously entered.
*Goes without saying, but the concept needs to be WHOLLY ORIGINAL and not based on an existing franchise.

We accept pitches for:
*Scripted television series in ANY genre
*Original, standalone mini-series (EX: Fargo, True Detective)
*Webseries pitches intended to be adapted for cable or network television
*Note: Pitches for reality TV and game shows are no longer accepted. Must be for a scripted series.

Written or video submissions accepted. For written pitches:
*A two-sentence logline to a full treatment--entirely up to you on how to best present your idea. We do not judge on format, we judge on the idea itself. Supplemental materials (illustrations, etc.) are also allowed. The best format is usually comprised of a logline, half-page to a page-long summary, and any other notes or comments on the originality of the premise.
*Please do not send full-length screenplays--summaries ONLY. Pitches may be emailed direct or uploaded.
*Remove your name and contact information from the documents prior to submitting.
*Longer submissions are judged on the SAME criteria as short ones, so whatever length you think is best.

For video pitches:
*Submit a link to the video after registration through email. We prefer a private link on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting site, or your personal website. *make sure to include the password, if private
*Videos can be any length, but shorter is typically better. No short films (or for that matter, features). Must adequately convey the overall premise.

See website for the complete list of rules.
Prizes and Awards: Grand Prize Winner (1) - Announced February 1st, 2019
*Extensive development sessions with Script Pipeline to get your concept ready for circulation
*Assistance in completing a TV pilot script (optional)
*Long-term exposure to producers and other companies for potential development
*Review of additional pitches and material

Runner-up (1) - Announced February 1st, 2019
*Development with Script Pipeline's executives to fine-tune your pitch
*Industry circulation consideration for the pitch or a previously existing pilot

For the winner, Script Pipeline provides additional, long-term assistance to refine the pitch, or help the writer draft a polished pilot or series outline. Our execs review the project and offer feedback at all stages of development. When the work is ready for circulation, we send the material to specific producers who would be a good match--a network of over 200 companies that includes partners at Good Fear Film + Management (Mulan), Zero Gravity Management (Ozark), QC Entertainment (Get Out), Lakeshore Entertainment (Age of Adaline), and others looking for relevant, high-concept, marketable films.




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