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Shore Scripts Short Film Fund
171 Pier Avenue, #145
Santa Monica, 90405-5363
United States

Description: The Shore Scripts Short Film Fund is an annual competition which offers writers the opportunity to become a produced screenwriter. Each year we will select the winning short script(s) and commission at least one short film with a budget between $9000-$15,000.
Objective: The Short Film Fund supports screenwriters from around the world by getting their scripts made.
Eligibility: All, Anywhere
Entry Fee: $40
Type: Short Screenplay
Originates From: United States
Occurrence: Yearly
Sponsored By: Production Company
Start Date: 1/15/2018
Submission Deadlines: 5/2/2018
Winners Announced: 6th June 2018
Year of Origin: 2016
Rules: * Scripts should approximately be within 2-35 pages

* You are free to set your script anywhere in the world.

* Writers from all countries are welcome to enter. All scripts must be written in English.

* We accept Short Scripts, Animations, Web Series, and Proof of Concept Shorts.

* All ages can enter.

* All genres welcome.

* You may submit as many scripts as you wish.

* All screenplays submitted must be the writers original work, or they own the copyright.

* Shore Scripts and the filmmaking team will share equal responsibility for sending the film to festivals.

* If a writing team enters, then all the writers must consent.

* Short Scripts will have the final call on cast, crew and edit.

* You may enter the same screenplay into both the Short Contest and Short Film Fund if it fits between both category page counts. There will be a discount for entering both contests.

* To help the environment, Shore Scripts only accepts electronic entries.

* Each writer, or writing team, may not have earned more than $30,000 (£24,000 approx) in screenwriting fees since 2010. Screenwriting cash awards do not count toward this total.

* Shore Scripts staff and associates are unable to enter this fund.

* You may enter a newer draft of an already submitted script. There will be a small fee involved. You may re-enter you script through the Resubmission page.

* Scripts should be formatted at size 12 Courier.

* The script file formats we accept are: PDF (preferred) Celtx, Final Draft, MovieMagic, RTF, DOC & TXT.

* The winners consent to Shore Scripts using their name, script title, and any other relevant information for promotional purposes on their website. This will be used to inform other contestants and the media of the results. We will also be unrestricted in how and where we promote the finished film.

* If Shore Scripts helps a writer gain representation, option, sell, or have his/her screenplay produced, then we are entitled to state this on our website and on any other platforms whenever we see fit.

* The decision of Shore Scripts is final. By applying to this fund each participant agrees to hold Shore Scripts, our judges and sponsors immune from any competition disputes, claims, liabilities and expenses.

* If the writer wishes to direct his or her own script, then it will be given serious consideration. A previous portfolio of work will help in making this decision.

* Shore Scripts will be one of the production companies on the project.

* The budget will either go through Shore Scripts or be transferred to a freelance producer.

* We are open to working with filmmakers known to the winner. We will also consider co-productions and additional funding from outside sources.

* By entering Shore Scripts, you authorize us to use any trusted third-party online and cloud-based services and databases for hosting, managing and/or transmitting your submission file(s).

* There is no set shoot date.
Prizes and Awards: Each year Shore Scripts selects the winning short script(s) and commissions at least one short film with a budget between $9000-$15,000.

The winners' film(s) will be submitted to world-renowned film festivals, as well as being shown to our Oscar winning Judges, Production Companies, Agents and Managers.

The filmmaking team will have the full support of Shore’s staff all the way through the production process, including equipment and post-production service deals.

The fund is open to writers from all countries. Scripts must be in English.

If a writer wishes to direct his/her own script, then we are open to this discussion.




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