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Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays
c/o MOVIEGUIDE®, 1151 Avenida Acaso
Camarillo, CA 93012
United States

Description: Since its inaugural year in 2006, the Kairos Prize has helped to open doors for its winners as they have gone on to sign with top agencies and have their scripts optioned and produced. The Kairos Prize is quickly becoming one of the most successful screenwriting competitions (faith-based or secular) with an exceedingly high winner to production ratio. The future of the Kairos Prize is bright as we continue in our efforts to bring scripts to Hollywood that result in a greater increase in either man’s love or understanding of God.
Objective: Seeking to promote positive change in the motion picture industry, the primary purpose of the prize is to further the influence of moral and spiritual values within the entertainment industry as a whole. MOVIEGUIDE®: The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment has been on the forefront for more than 30 years, advocating positive and redeeming values in Hollywood. The MOVIEGUIDE® Awards, now in its 20th year, recognizes the top films and television programs which reflect the best that the entertainment industry has to offer. While much attention has been granted those who are “in” the industry, Dr. Baehr, founder and publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®, wanted to bring encouragement and hope to new voices that would one day be writing Hollywood’s blockbusters – hence the Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays.
Entry Fee: $50 before 7/30/13, Reg.: $60 before 10/1/13; $80 after
Type: Screenplay
Originates From: United States
Occurrence: Yearly
Sponsored By:
Start Date: 6/7/2015
Submission Deadlines: 11/18/2015
Winners Announced: Feb. 5, 2016 at the 22nd Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala
Year of Origin: 2006

*One completed submission form.
*One ELECTRONIC (.pdf) file of the submitted script.
[No contact information should be on title page.]
*Entry Fee: May be paid either thru the paypal link to the right OR by check.
*Checks must be payable to: “MOVIEGUIDE (Kairos Prize)”

Once you have your completed entry form and a pdf of your script (please note - we can accept other versions of your script (i.e. - word, Final Draft, Screenwriter, etc.) - these two documents should be EMAILED to

Scripts should be between 87 and 130 pages in length. We will accept scripts up to 150 pages (not counting the title page) - however we charge an additional $20 for scripts exceeding 130 pages.


Early: $50 prior to 07/30/13, Regular: $60 prior to 10/01/13 and $80 thereafter
All scripts that exceed 130 pages must add an addititonal $20.
All requirements MUST be emailed NO LATER than the entry deadlines listed above.

IF PAYING BY CHECK: A copy of the submission form along with the fee (checks made payable to MOVIEGUIDE "Kairos Prize") should be mailed to:
Prizes and Awards: hree prizes are awarded each year and they are:

Grand Prize: $25,000
1st Runner Up: $15,000
2nd Runner Up: $10,000


1. Advertisement promoting you and your winning script in The Trades.
2. Names and log lines of the winner and all finalists will be announced via press release to the media, trade publications, studios, and more than 5000 agents and producers and will be posted at, which is viewed by more than 1.5 million people a year!
3. Key entertainment industry studio executives will review the winning script and/or hold a pitch meeting with their creative development team and the winning screenwriters. It is understood that it is up to the studio to decide whether or not to option and produce the script. As an alternative, the script will be submitted to primary independent producers.
4. A prize package from to include: a] One free six-month feature script listing on the InkTip Executive Index. b] One free title/logline listing in one issue of InkTip Magazine (same title must be listed in Index). c] Title/logline published in one weekly Industry e-Newsletter sent to all InkTip entertainment professionals (over 60,000 opted-in).
5. One discounted registration in a comprehensive MOVIEGUIDE® sponsored Screenwriters Workshop.
6. One free SO YOU WANT TO BE IN PICTURES book and one Linda Seger Book of your choice.
More: 1. In selecting the winners of the contest, judges consider not only a scripts entertainment value and craftsman ship, but also whether or not the script in question is, uplifting, inspirational, spiritual, and if it teaches lessons in ethics and morality.

2. Furthermore, the judges consider whether the script is primarily spiritual, rather than merely humanitarian, and whether it resulted in a dramatic increase in either man''s love or understanding of God. Considering this, the judges will decide whether the script communicates God''s wisdom and infinite love in new, effective and creative ways, thereby helping people understand the relationship of God.

3. Primarily scripts should be suitable for a G or PG rating. Adult themes will be accepted with the following warning: Action and/or dialogue must not be gratuitous in nature or form. Given the reality of creating recognizable, identifiable and realistic environments within the storytelling process - these themes must be handled with great care.

4. The script may be allegorical but should refer implicitly and/or explicitly to biblical principles, values and virtues, and/or refer specifically to the Bible. To define this more clearly, judges will take into account the criteria that Movieguide® Magazine uses to evaluate films and television programs. A list of these criteria are to the right.

5. The script should adhere to the short form of the Motion Picture Code: The basic dignity and value of human life shall be respected and upheld. Restraint shall be exercised in portraying the taking of life. Evil, sin, crime and wrong-doing shall not be justified. Detailed and protracted acts of brutality, cruelty, physical violence, torture, and abuse, shall not be presented. Indecent or undue exposure of the human body shall not be presented. Illicit sex relationships shall not be justified. Intimate sex scenes violating common standards of decency shall not be portrayed. Restraint and care shall be exercised in presentations dealing with sex aberrations. Obscene speech, gestures or movements shall not be presented. Undue profanity shall not be presented. Religion shall not be demeaned. Words or symbols contemptuous of racial, religious or national groups, shall not be used so as to incite bigotry or hatred. Excessive cruelty to animals shall not be portrayed and animals shall not be treated inhumanely.




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